INDIAN LIT READATHON!!! | Books, reading and other fun stuff

an image of the Indian Lit Readathon banner with a blue and yellow background and INDIAN LIT READATHON” written on it.

Sooo if you don’t follow me on twitter you probably should because I am the best!

But also because a few days back some of my blogger friends, Charvi @Not Just Fiction, Nandini @Unputdownable Books, Shruti @This is Lit and I announced the first ever Indian Lit Readathon!!

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Mini Review | Six of Crows and Son of Neptune | Heists, quests and adorable characters!!

Ok if I say this in front of them they’ll prolly murder me.

But Kaz is adorable okay….and Wylan = adorable!

So today I bring to you my first ever mini review because a) I need to review these books faaast or else I’ll forget about them and b) reading/writing mini reviews is more enjoyable. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t write normal long reviews tho.

I read Six of Crows a whiiiiile back and I read Son of Neptune like 24 years back which proves how lazy I am. But that’s all about to change in this edition of Mini Reviews.

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7 Totally Intelligent ways to Die (ft. opinions and rants)

Did I write this post because I just experienced these situations??

As bloggers (and book lovers) there are a lot of things which we need to be careful of or else the result can be fatal. Be it reading books or reviewing books, nothing in this cruel world is safe.

Which is why your dear friend (me!!) brings to you some totally intelligent ways to die because we love pain so much right?? *awkward silence since no one agrees me #sadlife*

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Why Readers should be respected (Because we rule the world DUH!)

Now this is no surprise that we all love books

I mean that’s why we’re book blogger. Unless someone just enjoys to rant about how books are annoying and stuff.

But look being a reader is NOT EASY!! Like nooooooo!! We have to face so many hurdles and still we are not given a throne, a crown and as most people say a dragon. (Although I would rather stay away from animals larger than me)

So if you are one of those people who don’t respect us readers aka don’t think of us as the rulers/whatever title you want of the world, well then welcome, this post is just for you. Enjoy your stay and hopefully this post changes your opinion.

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Stuff I Want Other Bloggers to Teach Me (ft. Me being salty???)

No, no I’m not going to be salty…

Sooo you know we’re all bloggers and sometimes we see some really creative/original popular bloggers and you look at their blog and just question your existence. Yeah this post is inspired by that incident.

Buuuut….I also tweeted something last month and suddenly an idea came to me and I decided to write this post.

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Dreams in April // School(!!)

Yes that’s the title of this post.

I had forgotten what it’s like not being extra. But in all seriousness I don’t even remember this month. All I remember is that I went to school, read around 3 books, had tests and homework and couldn’t complete a single task.

Also like I don’t even remember when April started and when it ended but like I’m happy because school’s over.

But I’m going to be all positive and rainbows as I present to you my April 2018 Wrap Up!!

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6 Month Blog Anniversary (pfftt not a big deal) // Reading and Reviewing my old posts.

So I am not sure if my 6 month blog anniversary was on the 21st, 22nd, 24th or the 28th.

I know that most people call blogoversary I guess but I just find it difficult to spell so blog anniversary it is.

So wordpress tells me that this is my 60th post AND my 6 month anniversary so yes I am the symmetry queen*. But apparently this thought struck me that since I don’t have any post ideas for this month what better way than to look at my cringy and maybe a lot more “professional” posts.

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