Book Review- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Hey everyone,
Today I decided to review The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. So I finally read this book after hearing and reading so many reviews about it and I am so happy that I did.


Name- The Fault in Our Stars

Author- John Green
Genre- Young Adult Fiction
Publishing Date- 10 January 2012
Publisher- Penguin Books
Pages- 317
My Rating- 4/5

Summary- Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16 year old teenager, who is diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid Cancer with metastatis forming in her lungs. All she wants is to watch America’s Next top Model, read and to know what happens after her favourite book, An Imperial Affliction, ends. But her mom disagrees and insists her on going to a Cancer Kid Support Group, where she meets the gorgeous and a bit arrogant, Augustus Waters and her story changes.

Ok, so I was a bit hesitant to read this book because I am not into romance novels and after reading the reviews I was pretty sure I am going to cry a lot.

But finally I tried. The book was what I call mesmerizing. I mean I was lost in the book. Even now if I open the book to read some of my favourite lines, I’m pretty sure I am going to be lost in the beauty of the book and would have to read at least a chapter or two. John Green definitely knows how to capture that beauty in words.

However sometimes I found those same words hard to understand and those metaphors didn’t help either.

Coming to the characters, I would say that I am not a fan of both Augustus and Hazel. I like the side characters much more. I feel they were well developed, particularly Isaac, Hazel and Augustus’s friend, and Peter Van Houten, the author of An Imperial Affliction ( a book which played an important part in Hazel and Augustus’s relationship).

Isaac, was Hazel and Augustus’s friend, who had eye cancer and a sense of humour which sometimes made me laugh while sometimes made me feel bad for him. Peter Van Houten, on the other hand is an alcoholic and the author of An Imperial Affliction. He is snarky with a dry sense of humour. And sometimes I couldn’t stop myself from disliking him a bit due to something which happens in the story ( no spoilers).

When I reread the book, I felt that I could connect with the book and certain characters more deeply. All these emotional feelings took over me. This book contains certain parts/lines which I am probably going to cherish till I die. Anyone who reads this book, will probably love at least one particular thing about this book.

Coming to the pacing, by the end of the book, I felt the story started to slow down which made certain parts boring. I found certain parts unnecessary.
Keeping that aside, I feel John green is an amazing author that, can even make a fictional book sound so interesting that you would want to read it right now.

Final Thoughts
Story/Plot- 4.5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Character- 4/5
Pacing- 4.5/5
Final Rating– 4/5
So that is my review of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Hope you liked it.
Tell me if you have read this book and what are your thoughts about it.

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Book Review- The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna

Hey everyone,
Today I decided to review the book- The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna. This book is a compilation of four short stories. Each of them is an eye-opener and at the same time each one empowers women and deals with problems faced by many of us in our day to day life. So I decided to review each story by itself and also rate each one of them.



Name- The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad
Author- Twinkle Khanna
Genre- Fiction
Publishing Date- 7 November 2016
Pages- 233
Publisher- Juggernaut Books
Rating- 4.5/5

                         The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

This story is about a young girl who live in a village where girls are considered a burden. However, Lakshmi and her revolutionary idea changed the village completely and made it the only village in the entire district where the birth of a girl child is celebrated with joy.

What I like about this story is that its got its own freshness. It deals with the problems faced by women and girls in villages and brings them to light. I liked the character of Lakshmi Prasad. Though she was young, she was not scared to stand up for herself. She was bold and I felt that I could connect to her in certain ways. Now if we come to talk about the plot, the plot is amazing, I especially loved Lakshmi’s idea to help the women and the girls. This story is so amazing it should actually be a real novel where we get to know what happens after Lakshmi tells the villagers about her idea.
My Rating- 5/5

                                Salaam, Noni Appa

This story is about a sixty-eight year old woman, Noni Appa, who helps at Muskaan- a school for special children. Her life was normal until she realizes that she is being drawn towards a married man who teaches Noni Appa and her sister Binni, yoga.
When you read this story, you start asking yourself certain questions like-“ How many times have I done certain things under the pressure of the society or other people?”. The same questions were going through Noni Appa’s mind. She was afraid of the society, that they might not think highly of her if she told them that she was in love, years after her husband’s death.

This book brings to light the pressure of the taught me that we might care about the society however the society might not always care about us. And then it makes us realize that love has no age or boundaries. Now, coming to the story and characters, I personally loved all the characters and my favourite part might be the relationship between Noni Appa, her sister and her daughter. It’s a kind of relationship which you want to have with your sister or your mother or daughter. The characterization was done really well. I liked the character of Noni Appa. She was bold yet sweet and shy at the same time.

Overall this story was great. I could not find any fault with this story except that certain parts were unnecessary however I don’t feel like giving it a 4.5 or 5 stars.
My Rating- 3.5-4/5.

                               If the Weather Permits

This story is about a woman, Elisa Thomas. The story begins with her third wedding which doesn’t last much long. Throughout the story she gets married 5 times. She usually gets married to please her parents. She wants to live independently but her parents insist on her getting married.

Like all the other stories, this story also empowers women, it tells us that the main objective of a woman is not just getting married, women are so much more than that.The plot was good however I felt that the title of the story could have been different, it did not match the storyline much. There were certain side characters that I felt were underdeveloped. Because of which I did not enjoy the story that much. The story, I felt, had certain points where I felt it did not answer my questions much, I felt that it was written half-heartedly.

Overall the story was good but could have been better. However, there is this particular line from this story which always make me think. I decided to end this review with that particular one-liner (my personal favourite line) about Elisa’s story: “She briefly belonged to many, but truly to herself.”
My Rating- 3-3.5/5

                     The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land

This story is about a man, Mr. Prabhash Ram Kewat, aka Bablu Kewat or Bablu, who lives in a village with his wife and mother. He becomes obsessed with sanitary napkins and is surprised to hear their cost. So he decides to make a machine which can make low-cost sanitary napkins to help the women in his village. however he faces a lot of problems as well as he had to hear the taunts of the villagers.
This story is based on Padma Shri Arunachalam Muruganantham and it is the longest of all the 4 short stories with 27 chapters. This story is definitely an eye opener. Till this date menstruation is considered something about which we should not talk openly and all. And if one does talk about it openly then they are greeted with glares. This story definitely creates an awareness that menstruation should not be considered a curse that we are not allowed to talk about it openly.
Coming to the story, it was written well, Twinkle Khanna was sure about what she is writing, however at certain points I found the story a bit confusing, I couldn’t remember the names of the different characters and sometimes I found the story a bit lengthy. Apart from that, the story is wonderfully written, inspirational in various ways and I would definitely recommend this story as a must read.

My Rating- 4/5

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend this book.
 ❤ aDiTi


Book Review- Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi

Hey Everyone,

This book is the second instalment of theRam Chandra series , the first being Scion of Ikshvaku (which I have not reviewed [yet]).


Name – Sita: Warrior of Mithila
Author’s name- Amish Tripathi
Genre- Fiction
Publishing date- 29 May 2017
Publisher- Westland
Pages- 361
My rating- 3.5- 4



First of all- the Ram Chandra series is based on Ramayana (a Hindu epic).The book however is a work of fiction So if you are not familiar with Indian culture, then it might be a bit hard to understand what’s happening in the book.

This book features the prince of Ayodhya- Ram, Prime Minister of Mithila- Sita, Ram’s brothers- Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna and various other characters. The author, Amish, has adopted a story-telling technique ,called Hyperlink, in which the story revolves around a certain particular characters, and an event (in this case- the kidnapping of Sita )brings them all together.

The first book followed the adventures of Ram while this book follows the adventures of Sita. The story begins with how King Janak and Queen Sunaina found Sita in a field, protected by a vulture from a murderous pack of wolves, and adopt her. While on the other hand, there is chaos in the whole country, and two powerful tribes have begun their search for the saviour of India. And then there is Raavan, the ruler of Lanka, who is growing more and more powerful and gaining his control over the whole of Sapt Sindhu.


Ok so the one reason I like Historical Fiction is because it gives a new face to History. So definitely I was excited to read this book(plus the author is Amish Tripathi). However after reading the first book I wasn’t too sure about this book, since the first book was a bit boring and did not reach my expectation.


I found the book boring in the beginning and was ready to give it up but decided to go on. The story, it seemed was lacking something which made it made it boring(or probably I was in a bad mood). However after 50-70 pages or so I felt that the story was beginning to get darker and more complicated as Sita got older.

Amish knows his character really well, which is the one thing I liked about this story.


However, the story was a bit confusing sometimes, when there were these certain flashbacks, and it was hard to keep up with them.

But keeping that aside, the book is absolutely amazing. It kept me grasped all the time and it was a bit hard to put it down. The event and the characters, they kept me thinking about what was going to happen next. I loved this book because now I could understand the characters better, the plot better, and why certain events happened in the first book.

All the characters were really well developed and I wanted to read the story from the point of view of all the side characters.

One thing I hate about this book is its ending. The ending was totally unexpected, it came out of nowhere. The cliffhanger aaahhhh.

This book had its ups and downs, the beginning could have been better, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait to read all the other books.

Let me know if you have read this book and what are your thoughts about it.


Thanks for reading.


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First Blog Post

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. This is where we are all gonna interact with each other and talk about books and YouTube.

I personally love reading books. They are great companions when you are sad or even when you are happy. And after reading, I just like to think about them and figure out what this world is out of these books. So I decided to review them on here so if you are planning to read them, you know at least something about them. I love fantasy and sci-fi novels especially.

I so look forward to interacting with you guys and hopefully you can give me some good book recommendations.


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