The Stages of being a part of a Fandom ft. SCREAMING and CRYING

It’s time to finally talk about some serious stuff.

A time may come in your life when you find yourself being attracted towards a particular fandom. You know it’s going to kill you but you can’t help it. You try to stop it with all your strength. You delete Pinterest, Tumblr, Goodreads and what not. You stop reading those fanfictions about your OTP but deep inside you know that you’re stuck and this is your life and you just have to deal with it.

We are a part of multiple fandoms. You might be a part of a fandom I may have never heard of or I might be a part of a fandom you may have never heard of. But in my opinion we all go through the same stages when we become a part of any fandom.

So today I bring to you the stages of being a part of a fandom.

ughhhhh not again

#1 – The Fetus Stage, of course

We all are well aware about this stage. This stage is the first stage of your doom. The stage where you’re completely new to the fandom.

You know very little about this fandom. You know nothing about the various SHIPs or the Inside Jokes and you’re very eager to know more about them.

How I wish I could go back to stage 1 of every fandom ever and turn back and never be a part of it.

ughhhhh not again

#2 – The Teen Stage

You’ve only reached the second stage but you behave as if you’ve been a part of this fandom ever since you were a child.

During this stage you know something (but not everything) about the fandom. You now finally know what that ship name stands for or why people start laughing whenever someone mentions something which you definitely don’t find funny (except you find it funny now, because you know what it means).

ughhhhh not again

#3 – ‘Everyone should be a part of this Fandom’ Stage

“OMG! Why doesn’t anyone talk about this ever.”


You know you love this fandom when you reach this stage. This stage includes


Shocked Expressions

Loud Gasps

when you realize that not a lot of people you know are a part of this wonderful fandom.

What follows is you persuading, sometimes threatening, every person you meet to become a part of this fandom or else something bad might happen to them.

This stage is actually a fun stage, especially when you finally meet someone who is a part of this fandom.

ughhhhh not again

#4 – The ‘FANFICTION’ Stage

Aaah……what can I say about this stage? This stage is filled with

• Reading Cute Fanfictions

• Squealing because you just read the perfect fanfiction

• Searching a thousand times on Wattpad and Tumblr

• Sitting down to write your own Fanfiction

• But you never write it because you end up reading other person’s fanfiction

Let’s be honest…we all LOVE the Fanfiction stage. I mean who doesn’t love reading Fanfictions. And once you find the perfect Fanfiction, you know your purpose in life is fulfilled.

And of course you also try your hand at writing Fanfiction. You may finish writing it. Or you may end up reading some more fanfictions.

To be honest, both of these things are perfect.

ughhhhh not again

#5 – The ‘Can I get out of this Fandom’ Stage

This stage is pure torture…… P.U.R.E.T.O.R.T.U.R.E.

You know you’ve entered this stage when –

• When you feel dead inside because of various reasons

• Some of those reasons are 1) Your favourite character’s death 2) When you realize that you would never be able to meet your favourite character/author/singer/actor/whoever you want to meet

• You start thinking of the time when your life was so simple and you knew nothing about this fandom

• You just want to GET OUT OF THIS FANDOM

• You randomly start screaming/crying/gasping

This stage makes you feel the way Bella felt when Edward left her. This stage is the worst and all you ask for is for it to be finally over. But it might take hours or days or sometimes even years for it to be finally over.

ughhhhh not again


This stage is the proof of how brave you are. You just survived the last 5 stages and feel like a QUEEN. From this stage on wards you know –

• You will never be able to get out of this Fandom

• You have accepted that point and are now at peace with the fandom

• Your throat is probably hoarse because of all the screaming

• You’re always broke (because you need to buy every Fandom related thing out there)

• You know everything about the fandom

• You provide guidance to the people stuck in the Fetus stage

• You’re a BOSS

Congratulation to you if you have reached this stage. You know everything about this fandom. Everyone knows you’re a part of this fandom because of how much you talk about it/your room is full of fan art/Your tweets are a living proof.

Now go become a part of another Fandom and go through the Cycle of Misery again.

Comments heheh

How many time did you have go through all of these stages? Do you think that there are some other stages which I missed out? Which stage do you think is the worst? And which stage do you think is the best? Tell meeeeee!!!

❤ aDiTi


21 thoughts on “The Stages of being a part of a Fandom ft. SCREAMING and CRYING

    I am admitting that I have been through each and every stage and currently (re)undergoing fanfiction😂
    But hey, that’s what so great about being a fangirl; all these stages😀
    Great post❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG THANK YOU ❤
      Aah the fanfiction stage is the best and I usually keep undergoing either the fanfiction stage or the Can I get out of this fandom stage.
      Being a fangirl is the best (unless you die during these stages) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I’m currently at the last stage with Shadowhunter Chronicles 😂✅😂
    Though there have also been times when I’ve grown out of fandoms like The 39 Clues and PJO HOO.
    Great post, Aditi! 😊

    And wow apparently I wasn’t following you 😲

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would say that I’m in the last stage with Harry Potter and PJO/HOO.
      Yeah, sometimes we grow out of fandoms and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that.
      Thanks a lot ❤ 🙂

      Aah I got the notification today.


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