Why Readers should be respected (Because we rule the world DUH!)

Now this is no surprise that we all love books

I mean that’s why we’re book blogger. Unless someone just enjoys to rant about how books are annoying and stuff.

But look being a reader is NOT EASY!! Like nooooooo!! We have to face so many hurdles and still we are not given a throne, a crown and as most people say a dragon. (Although I would rather stay away from animals larger than me)

So if you are one of those people who don’t respect us readers aka don’t think of us as the rulers/whatever title you want of the world, well then welcome, this post is just for you. Enjoy your stay and hopefully this post changes your opinion.

flowersReading requires brain cells

If you think that we read for our enjoyment well then yes WE DO READ FOR ENJOYMENT!! But then that does.t mean that reading doesn’t uses all of our brain cells.

Do you know how much brain is required when it comes to reading books. You have to concentrate, you have to pay attention or else you would never understand what is happening in the book.

 Then you have to ensure that you remember all the characters or else you would never realize which character dies or which character is the main character’s long-lost brother/sister.

Reading = Turning into a crying mess

Okay what is worse than realizing on the last day of vacations that you didn’t even complete your homework??* NOTHING!! Except maybe reading a book because you might think that it’s just a harmless piece of solid with some flappy thingy which have some words on it. But let me tell you that this smol, flappy thingy is actually an evil monster.

Oh the emotions we go through while reading a book.  When authors just kill off characters ESPECIALLY the ones they know everyone loves, and you just sit there because what else can you do except for crying. And then more characters die and look you’re a mess and there’s a flood because you started crying and everyone is drowning.

*A reminder for me to start doing my homework


We have to memorize all the names

Aaaah the terror!! As simple as it may seem, it is actually not. I mean it took me a while to learn all the states and capitals of my country, how do you expect me to remember sooooo many names. And authors just keep on adding more and more characters.

And let’s not get started on how some words are literally soooo difficult to pronounce. I mean why do authors even use these words which they know no one is going to be able to say. And oh! the embarrassment we get when someone tells us that we have been pronouncing this word wrong for so long.

We have to control our anger when someone disrespects our favourite book

Yes I know opinions matter. But that doesn’t mean that our blood doesn’t boil when someone disrespects our favourite book and we have to control our anger because “manners”.

See if I say that this is my favourtie book (which btw is not true because I don’t play favourites) means that you’re supposed to read that book and like it. And even if you don’t like it, you’re supposed to state your opinion in a way which doesn’t make me want scream at you.

Ok but seriously I won’t kill you because it’s your opinion and I will understand that this book isn’t meant for you (not really)

We have to ignore all other people

Please I cannot state this enough…DO NOT DISTURB PEOPLE WHEN THEY’RE READING. Unless you want to actually want to talk about that book.

But like reading means trying to concentrate while reading because everyone is suddenly interested in you/what you’re reading. Like where were you when I did not have this book in my hand??

I know that reading is cool and like y’all wanna become a reader but please contact these people when they’re not reading and they’ll tell you all about books and stuff but not when they’re reading!

Reading = Ignoring all your priorities

But Aditi reading IS A PRIORITY!! Yes, I know that reading is a priority but let’s speak in the language used by other people.

So like we have other jobs to do like school, work, ruling this world. So obviously we can’t spend the whole time reading which means we have to make a choice and what do we choose. READING OF COURSE!!

But that doesn’t always end well because we end up forgetting our homework or that test we were supposed to prepare for. But you know what everything is alright because at least we got to read…..right?

Keeping track of all the new releases

I have given up on keeping up with new releases because a) I know I’m never going to keep a track of it and b)I know I’m never going to buy it.

But does that stop us from adding all books to our TBR shelf?? Obviously no. But that does result in a mini heart attack. Because you finally realize that your TBR shelf is about to topple over you and kill you.

Getting a mini heart attack because WOW books are expensive!

Okay I know that books are supposed to be expensive because well a lot of blood, sweat and tears (I want to make a BTS reference here but I’ll stop) goes into writing and publishing a book.

But obviously that doesn’t mean that our pockets are gonna fill by themselves. And obviously that doesn’t stop us from buying books. Because books are the bane* of our existence. And look there goes our money.

*Haven’t read Cassie’s books but look at me referencing to them hehe

Oh look our TBR shelf is going to kill us

Now I feel it’s actually us who are to be blamed for this. But is it our fault that books are the most beautiful and magical creatures?? No of course not. And so obviously we want to have them all. And we end up adding far more books than we are ever going to read and BAM!! it feel on us.

But what happens next?? We add more books to our TBR shelf of course!!


Did I convince you all to respect us all??? Or maybe I convinced you to finally give us that crown?? Whatever it is I expect us readers to be respected from now on because we have to go through soooooo much!!!

Untitled design (8)

So do you all think that us readers should be respected?? And do you all think that we’re all just planning for world domination?? Have you got any more reasons to prove that we are awesome?? Tell meeeeee!!

❤ aDiTi





25 thoughts on “Why Readers should be respected (Because we rule the world DUH!)

  1. Hahahahahaha, this post was hilarious! 😂
    And very true. Bookworms are obviously superior creatures deserving of respect.
    And part of that respect should be not disturbing us. Because rude.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yesssss girl say it out! Us readers DEMAND respect. And the “floppy thing with words on it” is EVIL, I tell you. Books are damn expensive and that is why I end up reading like two books a month (+ I’m lazy af).
    There are no priorities. Reading is the only priority.
    Ignoring people is easy unless they get offended. In my case I become InvisiGirl when I start reading.
    You know I have to physically restrain myself from lashing out when someone disrespects my favourite book. I really wanna call Bellatrix at that moment to do the job.
    Oh and I’m scared one of these days my TBR pile will murder me at night and go to a worthier reader. Will you protect me?????
    Hey and we sacrifice sleep too!
    Great post : D

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YESS BOOKS ARE ABSOLUTELY EVIL!!! And expensive!! (I’m never able to read more than 2 books) Reading is our one and only priority yesss!!!
      Why can’t people just respect everyone else’s opinions and just live their life in peace. I wish Bellatrix was my friend.
      I think our TBR pile has already murderes us and we’re just lifeless souls (not to mention when book characters die, we also die).
      And then they say bookworms do nothing…


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