How negative can a negative review be?? + why negative reviews are important

I don’t make the rules.

But I get annoyed with negative reviews sometimes. Yes negative reviews are also important (plus the tea *sips*) but the way bloggers frame them makes me ugggghhhh really REALLY angry!

But at the same time I love reading them because it’s always fun to read other people’s opinions. Basically I am a mess because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

So this could be a discussion post (or not). But I’ve been reading some negative reviews lately and while some I didn’t agree to but still respected them (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk what I’m saying) but others I agreed to but didn’t agree because of the way they were written?? Please say you get what I’m saying because I can’t explain any further.

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What makes me angry about Negative Reviews

  • When reviewers call the book “trash”

Yes the book can be the worst thing you’ve ever read in your entire life buuuut I don’t think that it’s right to call that book trash or horrible or anything like that. Because all authors work hard. No matter how boring or problematic the book is, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into writing that book.

This doesn’t mean that you have to worship each and every book out there or sugar coat everything. But just don’t call books names just like that.

But hey, this is just my opinion. You can do whatever you want to do because it’s your life/ your opinion!*

Also this opinion doesn’t apply to books that support racism/sexism/homophobia etc.

*also please don’t hate me for my opinion >_<

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  • When Reviewers do not explain properly why they dislike that book

Ummm…..this one really irritates me. It’s okay if you don’t like a book but at least tell me what you didn’t like about that book instead of just saying you hate it!!

There are a lot of books that I want to read and whenever I see a negative review without a proper explanation about what the reviewer disliked about that book, it just leaves me confused. And I don’t know if I should give that book a try or not.

So don’t me hanging and please tell me what exactly did you not like about that book!!

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  • When reviewers bring authors in between

I feel that this is self-explanatory but books are not a reflection of authors. There are many books that include topics that people don’t agree with but that doesn’t mean that the author supports it.

Also if you don’t like a book, I don’t think it’s justifiable to hate the author. Because disliking a book =/= disliking an author. Thrashing authors because you didn’t like their book is a bit weird/stupid. (don’t hate me for saying this please)

Also tagging authors in negative reviews is not right. We all know that negative reviews are just constructive criticism but  it can demotivate authors.

Anywaaaay these are just my opinions. I love negative reviews and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with negative reviews. But hating on the book/author for absolutely no reason is a bit too harsh.

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Why Negative Reviews are important

Everything has a reason and so does negative reviews. They’re as important as a positive reviews and here’s why I think they’re important.

Opinions matter

I shouldn’t have to say this but everyone’s opinions matter. Be it a negative one or positive one. You shouldn’t expect everyone to like whatever you like or to dislike whatever you dislike. Same goes with authors. We’re all different when it comes to opinions and that’s okay.

Negative reviews let reviewers to express their opinions without fearing that someone’s waiting out there to kill them.

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Constructive criticism

We’re all humans and we all make mistakes and that’s completely fine. That’s how life works. But what’s important is that we learn from those mistakes and improve ourselves. And that’s what negative reviews do.

They point out the author’s mistakes and tells them how and where they can improve. It’s not that deep people. Negative reviews are basically there to help.

And as an author it’s important you learn to accept negative reviews in a positive way. Trust me constructive criticism will actually help you in the long run.

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What’s true is true

Look if someone does not like a book then they have all the right to not like it/ write a negative review about it. You can’t hide the truth.

And also expecting someone to sugar coat is wrong. They didn’t like your book because a) it just wasn’t for them, b) they didn’t find it interesting, c) the characters were like cardboard etc. And it’s okay. They didn’t like it, move on. Keep these points in mind while writing the next time.

Trust me reviewers have nothing against authors, they just have a lot of feelings okay?

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adkjsbvhs I’m a mess and I can’t make decisions. But here’s what I think.

  • Negative reviews are hella important.
  • Buuut I’m not really sure if I like the way some reviewers frame the review.
  • Like let’s not call the book horrible, rubbish, trash etc.
  • Also negative reviews aren’t the end of the world.
  • People are entitled to their own opinions and they have the right to say whatever they want to but like in a civil manner.
  • Do not bash the authors just because the book didn’t meet your expectations.
  • oooh also do not leave negative reviews on author’s social media please.
  • they allow people to speak their minds.
  • also the tea is always steaming hot (okay I really need to stop saying this ughh)

I respect everyone’s opinions and it’s okay if you all don’t agree with me. Let’s not fight tho.

Negative reviews are very helpful and people need to understand it. But I guess why people don’t like negative reviews is because the way they’re written makes it look like they’re bashing the book and the author. Which isn’t actually true. Whatever it is, stop hating negative book reviews. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, it’s okay! Spread love not hate!

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So this was basically me preaching in 1075 words. Hopefully y’all aren’t mad at me. What do you think about negative reviews? Do you like them? Or do you think they aren’t necessary? Do you think that they should be written in a particular way? Or do you not actually care about it? Tell meeeeee!!! txt #17


10 thoughts on “How negative can a negative review be?? + why negative reviews are important

  1. “No matter how boring or problematic the book is, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into writing that book.”

    This is exactly why I have so much trouble saying anything negative about a book. I know how much work goes into them. It’s a grind! A ton of hours. And then the author puts it out there, along with a lot of raw nerves, and just has to wait…

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  2. i love this post so muchhhhh!!! IT’S SO TRUE AND RELEVANT. usually w backlist books I feel confident, even w negative reviews, but I’m always scared to write a negative review for ARCs????? because one time the author DM’d me and said “I thought you hated my book” and I felt so bad D””: But I have to also be honest so now I just try to a smol bit lowkey when I hate ARCs lksdflsk

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  3. Agreed and well put! I always try and show the positives in my reviews first, because hey, they took the time to write a WHOLE book and surely there’s something good in it! I can’t believe how some people are so over-dramatic and hateful in their reviews – clearly every book is not for everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean we’re all humans and can make mistakes sometimes so I don’t get why some reviewers talk in a harsh way. I feel like people will learn from their mistakes better if they’re told in a polite and proper manner.

      I mean writing a book is hard so people should at least try to see some positive things in it.

      Thank you so much 💞💞

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  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about negative reviews lately too! I definitely agree with a lot of what you’ve said here 😂I’m totally ok with people calling out problematic books harshly (I have really REALLY been furious at a book that romanticised sexual abuse and assault…like they pitched as “romantic” and it was honestly vomit worthy, I’m still horrified it was written for teens) But otherwise, I think it’s important to remember: books are so so subjective! Like we are all NEVER going to love the same things.😂People should definitely be ok to write negative reviews and rant! But never a need to be nasty. (Although I actually DON’T think negative reviews are for authors! They have editors working with them so that’s who they’re learning from, so trying to “fix” a book to please like 100+ people’s critiques isn’t reasonable or even possible!)

    This is a great discussion!


    1. If the book supports problematic topics then there’s nothing wrong in writing a negative review in a harsh way. Everyone likes books differently so it’s all okay.

      Yeah well of course reviews aren’t for authors since they’re working with all the editors. I never thought about that 😅

      Thank you so much 💖


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