Why it’s okay to not be perfect in the blogging community (ft. me trying to preach)

Look, nobody is perfect.

That’s it. That’s the whole post. Not really. But that’s what this post is really about. Everyone wants to be perfect and everyone wants others to be. And of course the blogging community is not free from this curse.

There are thousands (maybe millions) of websites and blogs on the internet. Some we like while some we lOVE!!! And sometimes we start thinking of these bloggers as someone who’s very different from us. And it’s not just bloggers. It can be actors or youtubers you like as well. But anyway, what I mean is that these people who we see or read about through our screens are not actually real/humans to us.

And sometimes it can be just us thinking that we NEED to behave, talk or write a certain way or else people won’t like us.*

*that last part only applies to me

blog des 8.1

Why does this happen

Now the reasons can differ for different people. Everywhere around on the blogosphere you see all these blogs that are absolutely beautiful, you see these beautiful instagram photos and basically a lot of other beautiful things.

Once we start thinking like this, we look at ourselves and we just feel that how much better we could be, how much better our content can be.

And so we try to become this person we actually aren’t. I actually saw all these beautiful blogs and I felt that my blog wasn’t as good as theirs. Soooo I tried to design my blog again and tried a lot of headers and graphics.  Basically I felt pressured to act a certain way. Even though no one was actually pressuring me. And ngl it made me feel miserable because I couldn’t stop comparing myself to others.

I felt that if I wrote in this way people won’t like, if I wrote it in some other way people would find it boring. Basically I didn’t want people to not like me. So for every 10 words I wrote, I used to delete 9 words (this sentence is pure art!!! k bye I’m becoming a writer)

But this also helped me to actually write good posts or posts that actually made sense.

blog des 12.2

Is this okay?

Feeling this way is totally okay. It definitely is. I mean none of us is perfect and we all get insecure sometimes so it’s normal that we feel this way sometimes.

But what’s not okay is feeling that you’re not worth it or that you’re not as good as other people. Because you are you. And you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Everyone is different. Your blog is different. Your posts are different. Your writing style is different. Basically we’re all different and it’s not right to compare ourselves with others.

Yet everyday I look at some blog or the other and I say to myself, “ugh how I wish my blog looked as beautiful as theirs!!” or “I wish my pictures were as pretty as theirs”.

blog des 12.2

The Illusion

Our insecurity then leads to us acting/behaving like someone we aren’t. It could be anything like the way we write our posts, our blog design, the kind of books we read.

We feel that since people like this version of us, we should act this way. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t because it’s obviously not the real us.

It’s obviously not the same for everyone. Most people are true to their identity but others like me…..are..well not. And the reason this sucks is because we’re obviously not enjoying ourselves. Sure you’re getting lots of comments (or not) but there’s still this small part of you that keeps thinking that “is this really me?” or “is this what I want”.

Over the course of one year I’ve changed my blog theme, design, featured image and what not a thousand times. And guess what? I’m never satisfied with it. Sometimes I do something because it’s popular. Some times I feel like doing something but I’ scared that people won’t like it.*

*This is inspired by a real event. I always feel like changing my font but I never do because then I feel my whole blog will look a bit weird.

blog des 12.2

But do they actually care?

The straightforward answer to this question is No, they don’t. Sure those people who read your blog might not like your writing style or your content but they’re not going to spend their entire life thinking about it.

For all we know, they could be thinking the exact same thing about their blog. So don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay if you are not in peace with your blog or basically any thing. There’s a thing called improvement and that’s what we all do. We improve everyday little by little.

I know that it gets hard when you see really popular blogs getting high stats. Whenever I see popular blogs I go djfjsfksbvfkj I want to be like that. But at the same time I want to be really happy with whatever I do whether or not I have high stats.

blog des 12.2


  • You’re the best and yOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!
  • Be proud of you and your blog.
  • It’s okay to feel insecure.
  • But don’t let it take over your life.
  • Also the people you idolize aren’t perfect themselves and they could be facing the same problems.
  • Try to have some positive pep talk with yourself.
  • We love you and your beautiful blog.
  • Do whatever you want to do. It’s your life and your blog.
  • And do not forget to love yourself. ❤

blog des #1.1

Sooooo do you agree with me? Maybe you don’t ’cause we’re all different. Hopefully this post helped you in some way or the other. Also there’s so a lot of talk about self-love in this post. Do you think it’s okay to feel insecure? Do you sometimes feel insecure? Do you sometimes idolize people on the internet? Also if you do feel insecure please remember that you’re perfect and you deserve the whole world!!! ❤ ❤ Also don’t forget to fill my survey here or you can leave your questions here!txt #17



8 thoughts on “Why it’s okay to not be perfect in the blogging community (ft. me trying to preach)

  1. Lovely post, Aditi! I completely agree with you. I often feel insecure about my blog. I think it’s becoming a lot of time and effort for something not many ‘care’ about. I’m thinking of switching to making videos. I did your survey, I hope it helps!! Happy blogivarary 🙂

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