Shipping: Why I can hate it sometimes and makes me run away from it (ft. a small list of why it makes me happy sometimes)

I’m pretty sure you all love your otps.

I mean that’s why it’sΒ  your otp. Right? I was thinking about this topic when I realized that shipping and ships in general are such a big and important part of books. I mean take ships out of books and well you’ll end up with a lot of other stuff that is important in books (I have come to a conclusion that i never did and never will make sense) but still shipping is a big part.

So for people who don’t know shipping, it is basically when you ship two people (fictional or real) romantically or as friends (but people usually ship romantically).

There are thousands of ships out there. And most of the time shipping is fun and cute buuuut sometimes it is not. And while shipping is all cute and sweet sometimes people just take them too seriously and I go from πŸ™‚ to 😦 real quick.

So in this post I’m basically going to talk about why I like shipping (sometimes and why I dislike it (most of the time).

Also these are just my opinions. I’m not against shipping, I just don’t like it that much.

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Why I like shipping?

  • It’s cute!!

I mean duh!! Shipping is so cute. Why did I even put this point here. Everybody knows that shipping someone includes smiling, laughing, crying because everything is so cute.

I mean sometimes I just wish I could third wheel with these two characters. Authors really love killing/making readers cry.

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  • We finally have a reason to live!!

I mean do readers actually have a life outside their books and their ships. Ships are cute, they’re adorable, the characters love each other and support each other. I mean ships are v v better than irl relationships don’t @ me.

I mean readers spent half of their time reading books and the other rooting for their ship and making a bet with themselves to see if their ship sails or not. I mean priorities?? Who’s that??

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  • Basically ships fill the black hole in our hearts

Who cares if you are in a relationship or not. Once you start shipping someone, these ships become your priority/life/everything!!!

Also ships actually help and make people happy who are going through a hard time in their life sooooooΒ βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

See ships have everything you can wish for. Amazing people, relationship, bonding, romance, cuteness and friendship! And sometimes they actually make me feel like I’ not alone. And some people care about them more than their irl relationships.

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Clearly I’m not into shipping that much because that’s the only happy things I can think of when it comes to shipping. I have a lot of weird(??) feelings when it comes to shipping.It’s okay sometimes but when people go overboard I get scared because I always thought shipping was for fun.

Ad I do get why people go overboard with shipping because two them these 2 people are real to them and they connect to them emotionally and I guess they can see a little part of themselves in them. Buuut I still have a lot of problems with it and it really scares me sometimes.

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When people bash others for liking another ship

I can’t even fathom why people would bash other for liking another ship. Like where did the “freedom of speech and expression” which you used to talk about suddenly go?? First of all these characters aren’t real (I know you’re going to hate me for this but this had to be said) and second these ships aren’t actually real (I mean if the characters aren’t real then obviously the ship is also not).

And why can’t people understand that we’re all different, we all have different tastes and thinking that all of us will like the same ship is ridiculous.

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When people think that their ship is superior

This is just like last point. No ship is superior. Neither Kanej nor Percabeth. None of them is superior. how can a ship actually be superior if all of this is just in our mind. Also again why can’t people like another ship?

And even authors don’t mind if readers like a ship which is not the “otp of the book”. Also it’s 2018, stop policing the way people are supposed to like a book or a character.Β Like there are some people who think that a ship is invalid because there is not any strong friendships in books. I know we need strong friendships but guess what

  • people can ship two people as friends as well (in my opinion they can)
  • people in a relationship can also be friends
  • also the ship they’re not shipping are going to be friends right? (this doesn’t make any sense but I don’t want to write a whole paragraph for it >_<)
  • also it’s just a ship. Calm down.
  • Unless they’re shipping two real people. Then it’s kind of weird.
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When people act as if they own the characters

I guess you could say that readers own the characters (you know that stuff about how after a book is published it belongs to readers and stuff). But in this way all of us own the characters but we don’t actually own them.

I really don’t like it people when people act as if they own the characters and know what’s best for them and get to make decisions for them.

And what’s even worse is when they start controlling the way other readers should feel/think about the characters (what even is this point?)

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When people make ships their life

This point only applies to me because I remember shipping two characters so much that it literally took over my life and now when I look back I really hate myself for it. But when ships become your life, things get really tough. I really hope this doesn’t happen with anyone.

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Again these are just my opinions. Please don’t hate me for this pleeeeeease!!! Also seems like I really want people to hate me so I’m going to list down some popular ships I don’t like/ship THAT much (also note that the reason I don’t like these ships that much is because people hype them a lot and as I said in my last post here, if people like it then I don’n.)

  • Blue & Simon – This is such a good way to die but I just don’t feel the connection between them I’m sorry.
  • Percy & Annabeth – Again don’t hate me fdfgsfsdfhvsf but I felt that Percy was going to end up with Rachel and I was really rooting for them. I still like Percabeth though. They really like each other but idk they just seem very angsty and clingy but at the same time not clingy.
  • Kaz & Inej – I explained this in my last post but the thing is if 2 characters already have formed this relationship (especially romantic relationship) at the start of the book, then I don’t know why, I’m just not able to connect to the characters.
  • Jason & Piper – Do people actually ship these two?? This relationship was a bit weird for me. It’s like Jason like Piper because he was supposed to and Piper was a bit whiny.
  • Ginny & Harry – I just can’t see them together. Also when did Harry actually start liking Ginny. I mean we all knew Ginny had a crush on him but it’s almost like Harry chose Ginny because he just broke up with Cho.
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So that’s all I have to say. I seriously hope I didn’t offend anyone. Also I needed to explain that I do not hate shipping or the people who like shipping, shipping is just not meant for me. I just don’t like shipping. Also it’s okay if you ship two characters just don’t bash the people who don’t ship the same characters as you.

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Do you have the same feelings about shipping? Do you like shipping? Or do you not like shipping? Is there any loved ship that you don’t like? Or is there any “not-so-loved” ship that you don’t like? Do you think it’s okay to not ship the most loved ship? Do you agree that sometimes people go waaay overboard with their ships? Also go fill my survey form here (I’ll keep pestering y’all about this) and leave your questions here ❀

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8 thoughts on “Shipping: Why I can hate it sometimes and makes me run away from it (ft. a small list of why it makes me happy sometimes)

  1. I don’t have very strong opinions as i’ve never really been involved in any kind of shipping. Haha.
    But when people get upset about other people’s preferences, or think their idea is superior… wow. I mean, these “people” they talk about don’t even exist πŸ˜€ Just seems a bit excessive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right??! Like you’re legit fighting and protecting these people who don’t exist.
      It’s 2018 and people still can’t respect other’s opinions. Smh.
      This is why I stay far away from shipping.
      Thank you for reading πŸ’ž


  2. I’m trying not to screech here because you don’t really like two of my favourite OTPSs but thta’s cool!
    Also yess why the hell is Harry with Ginny? I don’t like them together – there is no spark! Piper and Jason are okay I guess, I don’t have much of an opinion on them.
    And yesss people gotta stop bashing each other for shipping different characters! Except if one character is LGBT and shipping him/her with another character goes against their sexuality. THAT IS A BIG NO

    Great post! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg sooooorrry. I just can’t connect to them πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ but I don’t hate them.

      No spark right?? Like Harry that is just a rebound!

      And yess no need to hate people for their opinion also yes I agree. (Also waait did I write something problematic?)
      Thank youuuu πŸ’žπŸ’ž

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohh I totally understand the love/hate relationship with shipping! I REALLY enjoy it but at the same time I don’t get why people get murderously invested in it?! Like to the point where they’ll even harass an author for doing the ship “wrong”. 😳😳Like I have been MASSIVELY disappointed by a ship going wrong and I’ve stopped reading a series because of it! But I just let people do what they want?! It’s the author’s creation and if some fans like it, then good on them. haha.

    (Also I do not ship Harry/Ginny at all and I don’t ship Kaz/Inej. πŸ˜‚I think Inej was really dismissive of Kaz’s PTSD which seemed so hypocritical when her PTSD was just as bad?! Weird.)


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