7 Things book bloggers want more than anything else in the world (apart from dominating the world)

I am particularly a content person.

Actually not really. But when it comes to book blogging there are certain things that I feel I want / need / deserve because book blogger are clearly the best and deserve the whole world.

But apparently people don’t seem to understand this. And they think that they can do whatever they want to book bloggers and we’ll not get hurt. Not really. Because we do get hurt and if we ever get hurt, these are the 7 things you can give us/ do for us to comfort us and to make us feel better about ourselves.

Also free books and ice cream for when you’re sad is not actually a thing. So so SO disappointed with this world :/

So anyways here is a list of things that we book bloggers love and want more than anything else in the world.

blog des 8.1

BOOKS!!! (duh)

This should not be on the list since it’s self-explanatory. I mean most of us start book blogging because we want to spread our love for books.

But after a long and stressful day, you know what will make us like you more,,,,BOOKS!!!! I don’t care if I know you or not, give me books and I am content. (although this doesn’t apply if you’re one of those creepy dudes)

Also make sure that the books you’re giving us are something that we will actually like. Like if someone doesn’t read non-fiction don’t go around giving them non-fiction books. Respect us readers’ opinions and choices.

Btw it’s important to give ice cream or cake along with the book.

blog des 12.2

Reading a book we recommended….and actually liking it

There’s nothing that makes us more happy than when someone says that they read a book that we scream a lot about on our blog. And what makes us even MORE happier. Hearing that they actually liked the book that we recommended.

Can you hear our hearts screaming??* Can you see us crying.

Saying that you first read our post, then took out the time to actually check out the book we were talking about, AND THEN took out the time to read it???

Excuse me I have to go and cry in a corner.

Also people who actually read a book based on a blogger’s recommendation and then scream about the book with the blogger deserve all the love in the world and are my favourite people in the world <3<3

*yes, our hearts scream

blog des 12.2

Actually reading our post

I’m actually the worst person to say this because half the time I skim through a post but is it my fault that I have a very small attention span?? (Answer: Yes it is but we’re going to pretend I am not)

So we never actually know when people read out whole post or when they just read what’s written in bold, but whenever they read our whole post it makes us so happyyy.

I mean all of our blood, sweat and tears that went into writing the post, is not going to waste.

All those hours of typing and staring at the blank screen wasn’t in vain and people actually read our post. Like real people and not just me clicking on my posts?? Wow can’t relate. Hahahahaahahaaaaaa

blog des 12.2

Authors interacting with us

These are the people we look up to. These are the people whose books we love. These are the people who made us cry. These are the people who changed our life. And you mean to say that they actually know about our existence???

Can you hear me screammmmm!!!!

Actually I don’t scream because authors have never interacted with me………because I never interact with them. But is it my fault that I don’t like interacting with people or that I’m just shy (Answer: It probably is idk).

But whenever authors interact with us, our hearts go sabfkbkjbgkb because that’s literally the person who broke our hearts 5 days ago.

Also authors taking out the time from their busy schedules to interact with us is literally the sweetest thing ever.

blog des 12.2

Β People commenting on our post

And by people I mean REAL PEOPLE!! I mean reading our post is one thing but actually taking out the time to write something, actual words, with your hands is the best thing!!!

Most people blog because they enjoy it / it’s their hobby. So most of us don’t get paid. And people commenting on our post is the only way we get paid.

Also when people write long comments, I almost faint because they actually spent their precious time to write a 2500434 words long comment and also because I’ll have to read it all and reply to it thoughtfully.

But long or short each and every comment matters to me because (and I’m saying this a lot in tis post) PEOPLE ARE TAKING OUT THE TIME TO READ AND COMMENT!!! It’s such a big thing.

But also when people write a comment without actually reading the post….how?? Like teach me your ways. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

Also whenever you’re having a bad day, try reading all the spam comments on your blog.

blog des 12.2

When people are in awe of us

Book bloggers are peculiar creature,,,,and there’s nothing more important to us than being respected.

We work hard, we procrastinate and ignore our priorities, write words on a blank screen and all we ask in return is some (read a LOT) respect.

How to respect us wonderful creatures -*

  • Read our posts
  • Comment and comment a lot (jk take it easy)
  • Sell your hearts and souls to us
  • Interact with us, we’re friendly
  • most of the time
  • unless you interrupt us while reading
  • then we don’t care about you
  • also follow us on our social media platforms
  • make a special throne for us
  • scream with us about books

These are some of the ways you can make us like you more. There are obviously other ways like buying books for us, being our bodyguards and keeping all the nosy people out,. Also helping us clean our room also helps because we can be messy sometimes.

*tbh idc if you respect me because I hate almost everyone

blog des 12.2

When people just appreciate us in general

Look book bloggers are simple people. You appreciate us, feed us, praise us and that’s it, you’re one of us.

So here are some ways you can appreciate us –

  • Like our posts – pleaseeee it keeps us motivated.
  • Comment on our posts– It tells us if our posts actually have some effect on people.
  • Follow us– It also helps to motivate us and without followers blogging can become a bit hard.
  • Follow us on social media – Guess what? We have a life outside our blog too and you can follow us over there too.
  • Interact with us – We’re really friendly people and get veryyyy happy when people talk to us.
  • Give us free food – Book bloggers have a very special bond with food and giving us food makes you like us even more!!blog des 8.1

So there you have it! You finally know what these mysterious creatures (aka book bloggers) love.

Also it’s my blogiversary month. Yes yes I know I talk about it in each one of my post. But anywaaaays. It’s my blogiversary month and this post actually fits the theme. So go here and fill out this form here because there’s still a few days left before my blogiversary. Also if you have any questions you can leave them here. YES YES ADITI WE GET IT!! NOW WILL YOU TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE??!

Sooooo hopefully after this book bloggers start getting the love and attention they truly deserve.

Also support other bloggers as much as you can. You never know how much your support could mean to them.

blog des #1.1

So do you agree with this post? Do you want free cake and ice cream with your books? How much of your blood, sweat and tears goes into writing a post? Do you hate it when nobody respects us? Also has any author ever interacted with you? Also if they did, how long did you scream? Tell meeeeee!!!txt #17



10 thoughts on “7 Things book bloggers want more than anything else in the world (apart from dominating the world)

  1. I love it when people actually took a recommendation for me and liking it, and I love when people comment on my blog or mention me on their blog too. It’s nice to feel appreciated! Great post!!


  2. I totally agree with you on all of it! Us bloggers are probably one of the most under-appreciated groups of people, and for some crazy reason, we still keep doing it. It really is just the small interactions or signs of appreciation that can mean the world and brighten the day. Like you I also think the big score is when you can actually succeed at helping someone to find something new to enjoy, and I also really enjoy talking with others via comments. Great post! πŸ’•


    1. We’re so under appreciated ikr! And it really awes me how we still keep doing it. It’s the little things like comments or likes that matter in blogging. Also yeees! I love it when I’m able to recommend a book to someone that they actually read and like.

      Thank you so much! ❀


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