Things Bookworms love to hear (we’re very proud creatures)

Bookworms like to be pleased.

But apparently some people don’t get it and straight up love to irritate bookworms. So I have created this post to help you if you ever encounter one of us bookworms. Although it’s very rare since we spend most of our time reading under a blanket. (jk I never do this. I’m always in a reading slump)

As much as we hate to talk, when it comes to books we just can’t stop. Maybe that’s why people are afraid of us. Who knows?

So with the help of my unhelpful brain, I came up with some ways you can start a conversation with a fellow book lover. Also reactions may differ since not all bookworms are the same.

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I love that book too!!

Look, I’m going to be straightforward, if you like the same book as us, you’re family no matter what other people say.

But seriously nowadays it’s so hard to find people who read let alone people who’ve read and like the same book as us!!!!

And when two fanboys/girls/humans meet………you know it’s going to be a mess. Because wow us fanboys/ girls/ humans have a lOT OF FEELINGS!!!! OKAY! Crying, screaming and crying again is a very important part of fanhumaning by the way.

But also people who’ve read the same book as me, do you exist?? Because if you do I love you and I want to be your friend.

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I don’t like that book too!

I know that we talk about opinions and stuff but when it comes to popular / hyped books, it seems that everyone has the same opinion. And if our opinion differs, we can sometimes feel left out(??)

So when, in this chaotic world, we find someone who has the same unpopular opinion as us, it makes us feel that we’re not alone.

I usually don’t like most of the popular books and finding someone who doesn’t like the book that much too is honestly so validating. Ehh I sometimes hate my opinions.

But you know what is the disadvantage….that person could actually be talking about the book you love. And oh no! You’ll have to bear the pain because hearing people talk ill about your favourite book is hard.

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The book’s getting a movie!

Is there anything more exciting than your favourite movie being turned into a movie?? (answer – there isn’t okay? Except maybe food)

But lately a lot of books are being turned into movies like –

  • Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • The Hate U Give
  • What if It’s US!!!

and a lot more.

But the point is that books being turned into movies is a big deal because –

  • The characters you’ve looked up to are going to come to life.
  • You get to see the characters you’ve always imagined.
  • Another reason to procrastinateeeeee!!!
  • Your non bookworm friends can finally understand why you cry about fictional characters.
  • Fooooood!!!!

The only problem – half the time these movies’ release is postponed in my country and even if they do release, I’ve no one to watch them with. #sadlife

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Your bookshelves are soooo pretty!!

Can’t relate because I don’t have a bookshelf (or a proper bookshelf) but have you seen some other bookworms’ bookshelves like wOOOOOOW!!!

Do you realize how many hours it takes to reorganize our bookshelves?? It takes courage and patience okay?? Reason #878 I never clean my bookshelf.

Also it becomes a problem when you keep buying books but don’t have enough shelf space and then you’re just sitting there like……

But seriously people appreciating us for ourΒ hard work is so validating (again I know). So appreciate all bookworms out there please okay?? We work so hard to keep our bookshelves organized (more organized than our life).

blog des 12.2

Uggh Humans

Umm…if you don’t like humans then we’re obviously family. Also a lot of people don’t get how us bookworms hate regular people but not bookworms. First of all that’s a weird question okay?

You see regular people are people but us bookworms are…well a lot of things.Β We can be dragons, witch, demigod and a lot of other things at the same time.

Also humans lowkey suck…sometimes. So finding a bookworm who doesn’t like humans just like us makes us sooooo happppy!!

But also humans, do not disturb us when we’re reading pleaseeee!!!

me to everyone (a pic with beige background and “go away” written on it in cursive)

blog des 12.2

Here have cake!

If there’s anything better than books….it’s books and cake.

I just ate cake today soooo it’s my new favourite combination. And I’ll ship it till I exist.

But if not cake anything else like ice cream or coffee would work if you actually want us to like you.

Also I usually never eat while reading because that just scares me. Also because I can’t multi task and it is not my fault okay? Also can we have a system where while reading a book this plate kind of thing pops out of the book which is filled with food I love?? Science please make this possible :((

Food > Humans and well everything elseby the way. So gIVE ME THE FOOD!!

blog des 12.2

Can you recommend a book to me?

A book? A BOOK? We’ll recommend a hundred books to you.

We may not like interacting with people but if it comes to books, we’re ready to tolerate humans as well.

And if there’s anything that we love more than books, it is talking about books of course!! So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you just don’t know which book you should read, don’t worry come to us. We have the best recommendations….and magic but that’s another topic.

But we just loooove talking about books. And I’m pretty sure that’s how most bookworms make friends. By talking about books. And friendships that start because of books is the most precious and lasts forever.

So never hesitate okay. Bookworms are actually very friendly. So come talk to us and you’ll realize that we are actually very sweet πŸ™‚

blog des 8.1

Hopefully this helped. And hopefully this will allow you to make more bookworm friends.

The only point that reaaaally applies to me is the food one. FOOD IS THE FIRST AND LAST LOVE OF MY LIFE!! And I can’t live without it (obviously).

Also petition for all of our favourite books to be turned into a movie please!

blog des #1.1

So which point here applies to you? Please tell me that I’m not the only one who can be bought easily. Do you like talking to people? What’s your favourite type of cake? Or dessert? Also food or books? Can you recommend me any book? Tell meeeeee!!!Β  Β  Β 

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8 thoughts on “Things Bookworms love to hear (we’re very proud creatures)

  1. So true! I love it when people ask me to recommend books to them, and dessert. I just wish people would read more often so everyone in the world would have the pleasure of being a fangirl/fanboy…πŸ˜‚
    P.S. I nominated you for the 7 Favorite Things tag, so go check it out! πŸ‘πŸ»

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha loved this post, Aditi πŸ˜€ It is so funny and I agree with you on all the points. Well, the point about the latest movie not releasing in India on the same date? Well, that hurts. I so want to watch THUG but God knows when it will release 😦 I love recommending books but I am always blank when the actual time comes to recommend something πŸ˜›


  3. YES YES YES to all of these!! I love to fangirl about books I love with others and I also love to rant about books I hate πŸ˜‚ And of course, cake is always a way to make any reader smile 🍰The only struggle is the potential to leave crumbs on our precious books! This was such a fun post ❀


  4. omggg but CHEESECAKE THOUGH. I have such love and appreciation for it. Also for books…but like CHEESECAKE.😍 And I love giving book recs!! I think people underestimate how fun it is for bookworms to give recs?! I will happily give them ALL. I also find it’s the most fun to love/hate the same books as my friends. Very validating, like you said.πŸ˜‚


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