1 year blogiversary!! // Answering your questions + screaming endlessly!! Also massive thank you!!

Finally the day has come.

The day I’ve been silently waiting for. Actually not really. If you haven’t been on my blog lately, for the past few days I’ve been screaming about my blogiversary (and I’m sorry for being so annoying) which is today on the 22nd!! (I know it’s the 23rd now) And I’m writing this post today which is a lesson to you all that procrastination kills the cow.

It’s so weird to think that just 366 days back (on 21st of October) my life was so different and look at me now. 1 year of blogging, 1 year of writing posts, 1 year of talking to you all and trying to make new friends!

Blogging has changed me a lot and I’m so thankful for it. Even though I’m irregular when it comes to posting but at least I try >_

I’m not going to list out the ways blogging has helped because a) everyone does that + b) I’m too lazy to do it.

So sit back and relax I guess because it’s time to answer your questions!!!

blog des 8.1

Unpopular opinion

[SimantΒ @flipping through the pages]

So I have talked about most of my unpopular opinion. But I’m gonna repeat one of them. And that is I don’t like shipping (pls don’t hate me for this). Shipping is okay but it’s not for me.

Also sorry but the art for Six of Crows is just not something I like. I mean of course the artist is great and worked hard but it’s different from what I imagined. Not to mention Kaz looks like a 30-year-old man.

Oooh also I don’t like Kaz Brekker (I don’t like him THAT much).

blog des 12.2

Have you ever had a post/review that you were nervous to upload?

[Nesh @Nesh Loves Books]

Oooh probably How Negative Can a negative review be (you can read it here btw). This post was difficult to write plus I wasn’t sure if people would understand what I was trying to convey.

I don’t know but I just felt like people would think I don’t like negative reviews which btw are very important.

But luckily people understood the post and actually agreed to what I was saying. (also if you don’t agree that’s completely fine)

blog des 12.2

What has been your best blogging experience during this year, and the worst?

[Evelina @Avalinah’s Books]

My Best Blogging Experience would probably be interacting with YOU ALL!! My heart leaps a bit whenever I get a comment or someone likes my post because wow! first time in my life I’m interacting with real people.

Worst Blogging Experience would probably be me being inactive. I mean it’s not actually the “WORST” blogging experience but I don’t like being inactive but I have to be(??) I mean I know it’s all in my hands and stuff but school is really time-consuming.

blog des 12.2

Would you do anything differently now, if you could?

[Evelina @Avalinah’s Books]

Not really because if not for this journey,,I wouldn’t have learnt a lot of the things I have learnt because of it.

But if I could do something differently, I would probably blog on a schedule. Because having a schedule has actually changed a lot of things. It has actually made blogging a lot easier for me (or comparatively easier)

blog des 12.2

And how has your idea of book blogging changed since you started?

[Evelina @Avalinah’s Books]

When I started blogging I never actually took it seriously and didn’t care about what I post. Not to mention that I always thought that blogging was all about posting. I never tried to interact with others during the early stages. And I regret it a lot.

If only I had taken blogging a liiiiitle seriously and actually tried to interact with people.

blog des 12.2

What is your favorite part of blogging?

[Charvi @Not Just Fiction]

My favourite part of blogging is obviously interacting with all the amazing people here!! Because you’re all the sweetest and the most supportive people.

Also I really enjoy making graphics for my even though I’m not good at it. I still enjoy it a lot and it’s so exciting!! I don’t know why tho.

blog des 12.2

What are your favourite type of posts to write and why?

[Charvi @Not Just Fiction]

Definitely the “fun” posts. Even though I have to think a lot for those posts but they’re actually so fun to write. Because I don’t have to use my brain a lot for them. Plus they’re lighthearted and funny (most of the times) and allow me to showcase my funniness (I have no idea what I’m saying)

Also because most of you like these “fun” posts a lot. Although I’m not sure why.

blog des 12.2

What are your blogging goals?

[Shruti @This is Lit]

Hmm so I don’t really have any blogging goals. Except that I want to keep writing posts that help others and that I really like. Also try posting consistently.

I’m sorry but I’ve never been really good at setting goals. >_<

blog des 12.2

Why do you do what you do?


[Shruti @This is Lit]

Umm because I like it! ahaha no. but really I do like blogging. Plus writing. Plus I really like making graphics for my blog.

ALSO YOU GUYS!! I know it’s cheesy but it’s because of your support and love that I’m able to do what I do. SO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS MY BLOG!!

blog des 12.2

what is your favourite post so far?

[Camille @Camillea Reads]

I have already listed some of my favourite posts above but here’s another one I guess πŸ™‚

fm #18.5
Featured image of my #amcurrently update- September 2018 [picture of a cluttered desk with cactus and a coffee mug on a stack of books]
I don’t know why but I just really enjoyed writing this post. I wrote this in August and August was such a chill month?? So many holidays! I want to go back in time!!

blog des 12.2

Β What’s your favourite type of sweet thing to eat?

[Ioana @Dragon Waffles]

Ice cream [especially chocolate or vanilla ice cream. I’m sorry but I respect the classics]

Or maybe chocolate. Idk the name of the chocolate but I ate it once and I realised that my life is now great??

Also any Indian sweet too I guess.

blog des 12.2

Β What are a few things about blogging that have surprised you?

[Ioana @Dragon Waffles]

Before I started blogging, I thought one was only supposed to post book reviews?? How foolish was I XD

Also the people. Idk what I was expecting but the people in the blogging community really surprised me. Everyone is so sweet ❀ Also there are so many other things one can do in blogging. Like not just writing but also art and other stuff.

blog des 8.1

So that’s all of the questions. I really am thankful for all of you and I want to do shoutouts but I have to thank each and every one of you and I probably won’t be able to do that in one post. SO A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL *BIG HUG*

Also thank you so much for over 200 followers. 200 people actually took the time to visit my blog? K I’ll go cry in a corner.

Also special thank you to my family for never stopping me from blogging even if that meant I won’t complete my homework.

Aaah I can’t believe one year is already over. 1 year back everything was different and 1 year later everything would be different. I can’t wait to see where this journey leads to. Once again thank you to each and every one of you!! It’s been such a great experience and I hope it continues to be. SO GO EAT SOME CAKE!!


txt #17


11 thoughts on “1 year blogiversary!! // Answering your questions + screaming endlessly!! Also massive thank you!!

  1. YAAAAY! Happy blogiversary! Idk is that the word? XD

    Also, don’t fret about not being organised in the beginning, you’ve got a great start and a lot of time with you! Also like make full use of the time, life is going to get way busy later on! You’ve made such great progress and I’m so proud of you cause you’re the youngest blogger I’ve ever met and you’re Indian so proud but also like omg so happy!!!! Idk my emotions are getting better of me.

    Love you! :*


    Your posts are so funny and relatable! Congrats, blogging is a big commitment and here you are, one year later, with an AMAZING blog! 🌻😍


  3. Aahh, happy birthday to your blog!! I so agree that support from the blogging community is absolutely amazing, sometimes it moves me to tears how kind people are ❀ I hope you have many more happy years of blogging (and ice cream)! ❀


  4. Congratulations Aditi! It feels so special when you celebrate your first blogoversary πŸ™‚ You are doing great. And I love your fun posts. What do you mean why? Just because they are funny, of course πŸ˜€
    Ahh, I did that mistake too when I started blogging.. not interacting with other bloggers or returning comments. But thankfully, now we know better πŸ™‚ Keep blogging!


  5. Sorry I’m only blog hopping and commenting now, but congratulations!! Even if it’s belated congratulations πŸ™‚ thanks for answering my questions! Agreed, those periods when we’re too busy, too tired or too ‘meh’ to be active really do suck! And the best part for me is also the community and the interaction. And I actually thought that blogging was about speaking to the void πŸ˜€ that there was no community! It’s so different in reality – but in a good way πŸ™‚
    Again, congratulations! πŸ™‚


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