Sunshine Blogger Award ( I am finally getting around all the tags and awards)

I got nominated for another award. If you haven't noticed already. But I was tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the amazing Emily @Emilyburnsmua. Go check out her blog where she posts amazing makeup tips and reviews. Go follow her, I'll wait. Thank you Emily! And then a few days later I was nominated… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award ( I am finally getting around all the tags and awards)


The Blogger Recognition Award

Hey everyone, and I promise this is the last award.  I now realize why people usually forget doing tags. How does one keep track of them. Well, let's keep that aside. So I was nominated again by the lovely Fizah @Books Tales By Me. So thank you to her. Go check out her blog. It's… Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

Brotherhood Of The World Award

Hey everyone, welcome back to another award that I was nominated for by Laura @lfbooks. She is a wonderful person. You should definitely check her blog and follow her immediately. So she nominated me for Brotherhood of The World Award and I still don't know why I got nominated. The Rules -  • Thank the… Continue reading Brotherhood Of The World Award

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I am finally back from my hiatus. And while I was on hiatus, I got nominated by the lovely Fizah @BooksTalesByMe (Go check out her amazing blog) for The Mystery Blogger Award. I don't even understand why I got nominated. The Rules -  Put the award logo/image on your blog. List… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award