About Me

Hi, I am Aditi and this is my blog. Sounds like I am giving a room tour, which I sort of am. Except it’s a Blog Tour. I guess I am introvert, I don’t know. Also I say the phrase “I don’t know” every five seconds because I DON’T KNOW!! . I tend to make other people laugh. How you ask. I don’t know!!

I also cringe a lot, mostly at what I say. Most of the time I act as if I am an actress so I wouldn’t mind giving you an autograph.

People say I have a sweet voice but DO NOT believe them I can’t sing even if Satan wanted me to (also why would he want me to?) And don’t you dare listen to my recorded voice if you want to live.

Ok enough about me. This is where I’ll talk about books. It took me a long time to realize that I liked books. But when I did, I decided to start reviewing books. I don’t know where the idea came from, I guess from my sister. But wherever it came from, here I am.

And lastly if you want to become my favourite person(after Leo and BTS obviously!) lend me your wallet please ’cause I need to buy some books and merch.

BTS is life, okay?


If you want to talk with me (I love making new friends) you can contact me at- dreamywords17@gmail.com


You can know more about my review policy here.


My Rating Style* 

1 star – Probably DNF’ed it. Did not like it at all.

2 Stars – Didn’t like it but there certain parts which I enjoyed.

3 stars – It was okay, had some great parts but again lacked some spark.

4 stars – New favourite book. I love it. You have to read it okay.

5 stars – OMG! OMG! READ IT *throws book at your face* IF YOU DON’T READ IT I’LL understand  KILL YOU.

*I mean swag

❤ aDiTi