Hi, I am Aditi and this is my blog. Sounds like I am giving a room tour, which I sort of am. Except it’s a Blog Tour. I am an introvert, or other people say I am. Personally I won’t act wild around someone who I’ve only known for 6 months. I tend to make other people laugh. How you ask. I don’t know the answer.
I a cringe a lot, mostly at what I say.  Half of the time I act as if I am in a movie, because of which I cringe a lot, because I always end up saying something cheesy.
I also sing….. when I am scared or when it’s  really dark. I don’t know if I categorize for a bathroom singer. Because I never sing in the bathroom because I don’t know the lyrics of any song.
Ok enough about me. This is where I’ll talk about books. It took me a long time to realize that I liked books. But when I did, I decided to start reviewing books. I don’t know where the idea came from, I guess from my sister. But wherever that idea came from, here I am. I don’t have anything else to write. So Bye.
If you are an author or publisher, you can contact me at- dreamywords17@gmail.com
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 My Rating System
0 – 20= 1 star  (I hardly give 1 star)
20 – 45= 2 star
45 – 65= 3 star
65- 95= 4 star
95- 100= 5 star
Thank you so much for reading,
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